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nm-eServer (Entertainment Server)
nm-eServer (Entertainment Server)


CamControl for Axis servers
CamControl for Axis servers
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nuova marea ltd      FHL Wind LoggerSetup files and manuals

Distributor:FURUNO Hellas SA

nuova marea ltd      CamControl

CamControl Ver 1.01.82SetupVer 1.01.82 includes screen resolution selection 1280x1024 or 1360x768

CamControl Ver 1.01.73Setup
nuova marea ltd      Pytheas ConningPytheas Conning Ver. 1.02.063 SetupReleased 17/09/2013
Pytheas Conning Ver. 1.02.048 SetupReleased 26/03/2013
Pytheas Conning Ver. 1.02.045 SetupReleased 20/02/2013
Pytheas Conning Ver. 1.02.031Setup
Pytheas Conning Ver. 1.02.027Setup
Pytheas List of Sensors 
Brochure Pytheas
nuova marea ltd      Dongle Checker

Dongle Checker Ver 1.01.28 for nuova marea productsJune 2011Version 1.1.28 includes FHL Wind Data Logger.
Dongle Checker Ver 1.01.22 for nuova marea products
nuova marea ltd      NM-251series

NM251A NMEA bufferInstallation & Operation manual

IEC-60945ABS Approved

NM251B Speed Log InterfaceInstallation & Operation manual

IEC-60945ABS Approved

NM-251A-MUX multiplexer-buffer Installation & Operation manual

IEC-60945ABS Approved

NM251C NMEA filterInstallation & Operation manual

IEC-60945ABS Approved

NM251BRC NMEA Baud Rate Converter configuration

IEC-60945ABS Approved


Brochure NM-251AIEC-60945ABS Approved
Brochure NM-251BIEC-60945ABS Approved
Brochure NM-251A-MUXIEC-60945ABS Approved

Brochure NM-Series

CertificatesABS Certificate of Design Assessment

01/03/2013 (Renewal)Approvals & Certificates

CertificatesABS Certificate of Design Assessment 20/03/2008 (Initial)Approvals & Certificates
CertificatesABS Certificate01/03/2013 (Renewal)Approvals & Certificates
CertificatesABS Certificate20/03/2008 (Initial)Approvals & Certificates
CertificatesApproval by Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile MarineApprovals & Certificates
CertificatesIEC60945 Certificate of ConformityApprovals & Certificates
nuova marea ltd      NM-281

NM281 NMEA BufferInstallation & Operation manual

nuova marea ltd      NM-AD10NM-AD10 NMEA to FURUNO AD10
nuova marea ltd      NM-422ETHNM-422ETHNMEA to Ethernet converter
Brochure M-422ETH
DriversService Bulletins
NM-422ETH DriversWindows 98-SE-MeNM-422ETH UDP port configuration
NM-422ETH DriversWindows 2000-XP-Server2003
NM-422ETH DriversWindows NT4
NM-422ETHDevice Discovery Utility
NM-422ETHDevice Setup Wizard
NM-422ETHDevice Programmer
nuova marea ltd      NM-2DS1NM-DS1 Discrete PCB Installation & Operation manual
nuova marea ltd      NM-500ADNM-500AD Analog/Digital InterfaceInstallation & Operation manual
nuova marea ltd      CA-12TCA12T Call alarmInstallation & Operation manual
nuova marea ltd      CA-880CA880 Call alarmInstallation & Operation manual
nuova marea ltd      CA-770CA770 Chain CounterInstallation & Operation manual
nuova marea ltd      NM-INCNM-INC Digital InclinometerInstallation & Operation manual 
nuova marea ltd      NM-LCDNM-LCDInstallation & Operation manual


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