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nm-Net (Networking solution for mid-size Yachts)
nm-Net (Networking solution for mid-size Yachts)


CamControl for Axis servers
CamControl for Axis servers
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Testimony to nuova marea ltd

July 2010, Piraeus Greece.

I am writing this testimony not as a request from anyone or an obligation to assist the owners of Nuova Marea Ltd, but sincerely from a professional point of view from a discerning Captain and Marine Surveyor.

The M/Y “Guilty” is a fully customised 120 foot GRP planning hull vessel. The requirements from the owners and their captain was to have a yacht that was extremely user friendly and would stand the test of time, by being innovative and functional under all conditions and needless to say up-to-date with whatever the market could offer at this stage.

The emphasis of the bridge instrumentation layout was “quick access to information” and “user friendly displaying of this information”. We fitted seven(7) 19” screens that truly provide the captain and engineer with a multitude of choices, from vessel navigation, ships business through to Conning display and camera monitoring. There is nothing, which I feel was left out or regarded as nonsense.

The remarkable aspect of this new build was how ?Nuova Marea Ltd? managed to “listen and understand” our special needs and then carry out in remarkable speed exactly what we had wished for. For example; the ?Conning system? had to display more than a dozen pieces of information yet display with utmost clarity only the items which were relevant at that time.

I was also concerned that we had the necessary safety back ups in place, and therefore I was pleased to see that safety at sea was and has always been a priority in Nuova Marea?s work ethics.

I could write pages of compliments about this wonderful company headed by Mr. Yannis Baxevanis but feel the real proof is in the yacht “Guilty”. Anyone wishing to commission a new build would do himself or herself great justice in visiting the M/Y “Guilty” to see for them selves how unique she is and why I am inclined to write this complimentary testimony about Nuova Marea Ltd.

With a yacht full of sophisticated electronic Navigation and entertainment equipment, there is no doubt the odd occasion when something requires the professional skills of a technician. Nuova Marea technicians have NEVER let me down and will arrive at the yacht wherever and whenever it suits our requests. This alone represents a glowing testimony and commendation.

Finally, to you Mr. Yannis Baxevanis, if I can be of any assistance to your prospective customers, I would be happy to show them over the M/Y “Guilty” (after prior notification) and I thank you personally for making our new build a pleasant and successful operation.



Yours sincerely

Mark Souter

Captain and Marine surveyor


Address: 26 Mirtidiotissis str, Kastella, 18533 Piraeus, Greece
Tel.: +30.210.4134628, +30.210.4134698, Fax: +30.210.4134814

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